Wedding caricaturist in New York – young, yet professional

Your very special wedding day includes mot only a beautiful dress and a banquet. A perfect way to make it diverse is inviting wedding cocktail hours caricaturist in New York and let her do some exclusive cocktail hours sketches, so that your perfect day can be captured in a funny and unusual way. Maybe you would even love a short personalized cartoon, based on the events of your marriage scenes.

Wedding cocktail hours cartoonist can easily make your holiday the most unforgettable and unique. You can’t imagine how different people look on the pictures of the cocktail hours caricaturist – these pictures are strikingly different from the ordinary photos, even if those photos are the best ones.

The sketches made on the day of your wedding will become life-long memories, which are captured by our perfect artist, are about the courage, which inspired the most beautiful bride to allow him depicting her not only as the loveliest newlywed, but also as a person with sophisticated sense of humor.

Impress your close friends and beloved members of family – ask a wedding caricaturist to capture them unexpectedly, in order to get the most vivid and natural emotions. Visit our website and the album with wedding cocktail hours best caricatures in 2015 album and look through the newest works of our extremely talented artist. At other numerous albums you are welcome to enjoy the selection of wedding ceremonies caricatures from different countries.

If you order a gig in advance, our cocktail hours caricature painter will travel wherever you wish. But don’t forget about the most exclusive wedding in a Big Apple – you may ask the caricature artist to come to Bronx, Manhattan or Staten Island – there are no borders for the art. Let yourself be a little crazy and giddy, order a cocktail hours caricature - we can assure you, that this very feature will be absolutely exclusive in 2015.

Thus, we guarantee the highest rate of the confidentiality, so you can turn to wedding caricaturist’s service in case if you prefer even the most private wedding party. Even if your wedding is a low-cost one, making a wedding day caricature for a reasonable price will give you an exclusive occasion. Enjoy best rate wedding caricature services!