I have found the best photo editing service!

Hi, there! I have great news. I`ve recently started to make photo sessions not only for my friends and relatives and there are already clients who are satisfied with my job. The only problem I had was photo post processing. Honestly speaking, I`m far from being a pro in retouching, but really want it in spite it takes me hours to retouch a single photo. Initially, I`ve been asking myself - do I need a post-production at all? I think much of the art of photography is matching the image capture to your vision of the subject. But later I`ve realized that each photo should have at least a slight editing work. You know that I work as a party caricaturist and using an online photo retouching service was a great decision to save my time and to do my best in both spheres.

I`ve found FixThePhoto in one of the post-production groups on Facebook. I sent them my own photo as a trial and these guys just read my thoughts! I like the way they smoothed my skin still leaving it natural, not plastic. I like how they paid attention to the background and removed stray hairs. And they made me look a bit slimmer, ha-ha! Click the image to view it in the higher resolution.

Photo retouched by FixThePhoto.com

Then I made my first order with FixThePhoto and was also 100% satisfied. Their retouching prices are amazing! From $2 per image and $10 for High End retouching.

These guys are the best retouchers! Now I have more time for new shootings and I am still striving to learn Photoshop by these tutorials to becoming a good retoucher too but I must admit this is not an easy road. So I highly recommend this great online photo editing service FixThePhoto if you want to focus on shooting and improving your photography skills while they are editing your photos.