Caricatures of wedding have become a new trend in NY in 2015

Wedding… We are sure, it will always be among top-3 most important events in human’s life.

When this tremendously important moment is approaching, we advise you to concentrate on each small detail beforehand, so that you are able to enjoy each moment of your special day to the fullest.

Have you already thought of inviting a funny wedding caricaturist in the NYC?

Our big advantage is years of experience and lots of truly satisfied clients, so we can assure you, that wedding ceremony caricature by one of the most creative wedding caricaturists in the NYC will definitely become one of the brightest reminders of that charmingly thrilling day. Funny wedding caricatures are a great tradition as a gift and as a memory. All of the brightest features of character of bride and groom will shine in a brand new way on a funny wedding sketch.

If you by some chance have missed the opportunity to invite an amazing wedding caricaturist to your party, you can still get an amazing drawing if you send us your best picture. Wedding caricatures online – what can be easier for our clients? Just attach your photo – and get and amazingly beautiful and funny caricature in a very short turnaround time!

Caricatures of wedding cocktail hours… When everyone is dressed so stylishly, when the food and decorations are so beautiful, when bride and groom are so happy and the guests are smiling – what can be better?

Or maybe you have come up with a great idea to give a caricature for someone’s wedding anniversary? It’s an awesome gift, which will refresh bright memories and will make family life better than ever.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of the most talented weddings caricaturist in the New York City. Get a funny drawing of you, your nice family and your lovely guests as well as an unforgettable experience of communication with an incredible caricature artist in NY!

Caricature your wedding! Share a cool wedding sketch with your friends all over NY.