Wedding ceremonies caricatures in New York

Wedding… Such a sweet word. White dress, church, guests, a loving couple… it has so many wonderful traditions to follow. Flowers, decorations, dresses, rings – all of these have become essential wedding ceremony attributes and traditions. All of them are breathtaking… Just like a first kiss of husband and wife.

And we work so hard on saving our valuable moments from this day. We invite photographers and video operators, and we save these memories, which are nice and beautiful. But then, after some years we find but that all the families have very similar photo albums and video clips, where we can see the ceremony, the guests, and all of these materials look very similar to each other.

So how to keep the memories of this wonderful day as fresh as if it was yesterday? We have a perfect solution for you! All you have to do is to hire wedding caricaturist in New York. Such an important person as wedding caricature artist will make your special day stand out with its small charming wedding caricature cards. What could be easier?

Even after years, you will still remember of your wonderful moments, looking at funny and faces of bride and groom, which are full of love and happiness?

Is there some better idea for a gift? No way… Wedding ceremony caricature takes only 30 minutes to draw  - and you will get your memories for all life.

And what about wedding caricature cake topper? Lovely small sculptures of bride and groom will make you and your guests smile! They are so small and so resemble to our main heroes! Get your 3d wedding caricature in new york very soon!

Just contact us. We’ll be happy to help you in all the districts of the New York City, including Manhattan, New Jercey, Bronx, Yonkers, Queens, Brooklyn and other districts. We also work online, where you can order wedding caricature drawings for gig.

Don’t miss your chance! Make your special day best!