Caricature gallery of celebrities by fantastic caricaturist in NY

Drawing famous faces in unusual manner… This is how an artist can demonstrate his talents! Some faces are well-known all over the planet, so a funny caricature of our favorite Hollywood actor is something we would really like to check. These famous people appear in unusual roles, but that’s how the painting maestro sees them from inside! Check out the gallery!

Our favorite actors, singers, politicians are known loved by everyone. Maybe, some of our friends even find you resemble to one of these dancers or movie stars? If it applies to you or to some of your friends, you have to check the works of our celebrities’ caricaturist!

Firstly, this is so fun to recognize well-known faces depicted in some unusual manner. And secondly, if you like these funny caricatures of celebrities here and you find them fair enough to win your sympathy, maybe, you’d prefer to have some funny drawings of yourself?

All of these become so easy, once you are in New York or its suburbs. Just make an order and get close to all of these famous faces!

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