Get caricatures of your anniversaries by our amazing NY caricaturist

Anniversary caricatures is a small piece of art, which is designed to make your party and your memories stand out! Isn’t it nice to have your friends and family depicted in a funny manner, having fun, smiling and dancing…

Anniversary caricature gifts in New York have to be performed by the most interesting and creative artist in NY. This ensures you, that you are getting a funny looking, a little bit teasing and very kind personalized anniversary caricature.

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Make a funny anniversary caricature for wedding event, it will be so nice to remember all of those moments again! We pay a very special attention to the 1st anniversary of your happy wedding – it’s such a great idea to gather altogether for a warm family evening, with your soul mates and family and to remember all of the great moments, which happened over the last year.

50th anniversary caricature – give it for your mom’s birthday! What could bring more joy to your dearest person rather than some special attention from her adult kids?

Or maybe you are a happy grandchild of a loving couple, who are at the threshold of their 50th wedding anniversary?

All of these are amazingly warm minutes you have to share with your family. And your family celebration cartoonist will become a key to these wonderful moments!

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