Caricatures of your special events by a cool painter!

Today, we are so busy with our work and business, we spend so many hours a day to bring some money to our family, that we don’t get much time to relax and enjoy our life to the fullest. But it is so crucially important to give yourself away and to relax with your dearest people on your incredible special events. Why not to caricature yourself in one of these days?

All of us have important events at work and in our lives at times: weddings, celebrations, birthdays. Why not to make these moments even more remarkable by inviting banquets cartoonist to attend your event in Bratislava? Funny banquet drawing will keep the memories of your important day and refresh the relationship between your family, your working atmosphere, etc.

Our talented banquets caricaturist in Bratislava is a real professional and knows how to catch the best emotion out of each particular person and character, in order too see his or her very best nature. Just imagine, your strict boss is also a loving parent and a great joker! Isn’t that incredible?

Nothing will skip our banquets cartoonist’s attention! The main goal is to catch the best emotion and to depict it in the best manner on a wonderful banquets caricature – this may be someone’s wonderful smiling face or some incredible emotion between two people,  no matter what it is – all the best true feelings and emotions have to be caught in an incredible piece of art by our creative Bratislava banquets caricature maker!

Please, don’t hesitate to get familiar with her stunning works, you’ll find some of them in our picture gallery. Though, we have to say, best pictures are the caricatures of yourself and the people you know.  You’ll still be able to check the best emotions on the sketches from the gallery, as the true emotions are hard to hide!


Invite our most amazing banquets caricaturist in The Bratislava City in 2015! Get your portion of immense pleasure right away!