Caricature your picnic event

Picnic is always a good idea. And as every good idea it deserves to be captured. Hire a highly professional caricaturist keen on drawing a picnic table or picnic basket – and you will never forget that perfect day in nature’s lap.

Picnic is a nice way to celebrate any kind of occasion – birthday, engagement, christening, retirement or wedding anniversary. When celebrating outdoors everything is much more easier, everyone feels and behaves more naturally, the emotions are much brighter and people look happier in general.

The picnic’s hosts use to pay special attention to the picnic food, so asking a caricaturist to make a picnic basket sketch will be the best way to thank them and to make a cute present, which will always remember them, how they used to try hard to please their guests. But it’s not necessary to organize a lush fest, you may wish to have a small holiday with only a few guests, or even a romantic date for only two of you. In this case or qualified picnic caricaturist will gladly produce a nice picnic bench drawing, looking at which you will always recall the most romantic day of your life, spent with the dearest person in the world, or the small family event.

Some people think, that picnic isn’t worthy of capturing, but they are wrong, since every moment of your life is precious. Our skilled caricature artist will make you absolutely sure of that.

Ordinary photos are sometimes dull and can’t reflect the full range of the human emotions, while the caricature sketch can depict every facial expression, every tint of emotion more vividly in order to make your holiday an unforgettable one.

Step away from the traditional restaurant celebrations, let yourself and your dearest people enjoy the best holiday outdoors, share your special occasion with them and hire our great artist to make a picnic caricature, for you to remember your graduation, engagement or bachelorette party not just from the photos. Be different from the rest of the people, have different holidays and a different quality of life and hire our caricaturist to depict it.