Picnic caricatures

Today you’ll never impress someone with the photos, even with the most professional ones. They are just beautiful and sometimes may be expensive photos. Nowadays people value hand-made things, and good examples of such things are unique picnic sketches, produced by our skilled caricature artist.

Some people think, that picnic is good only during the summer time, but they will be wrong, since there’s nothing better and more joyful, like a winter barbeque and mulled wine, cooked on the snow with the company of your best friends. But what is especially good in summer picnics is an opportunity to organize it on the beach, to enjoy the sun, the seaside, the beach volleyball and tons of fruits, ice-cream and refreshing drinks.

Both the summer and the winter picnics are the good occasions to celebrate any holiday, which takes place in your life, such as graduation, birthday party or even wedding day.

But if you won’t like some stranger to attend your private party, you may settle all the details with our master online, send him the best photos when the party is over, and afterwards you will get the collection of unique picnic sketches, full of happiness and fresh emotions. If you’ve paid special attention to the food preparation and the decorations for your outdoor holiday, the best picnic caricaturist in NY will draw a series of picnic table sketches.

Or if you’ve chosen the picturesque location for your event at the seaside, the painter will gladly produce some beach picnic drawings. If you’d like, it’s possible to publish your picnic caricatures in books – this would be a nice way to share your happiness with other people, living in your favorite city.

So, visit our site, settle all the details and order the best caricatures  for your special and unforgettable occasion.