Cool bachelorette parties sketches right here!

Bachelorette party… Many people smile, when hearing these words, some of them shake their heads and hopelessly try to remember the details of the mentioned event. But how many people do you know, who’d invited the cartoonist caricaturist to perform the bachelorette party drawing?

We are sure, that there won’t be much of them. That’s why asking our artist to produce some sketches is a good way to make your bachelorette party exclusive, as well as the memories about this holiday. In today’s world of technologies people prefer gadgets and digital photos and forget about such a simple thing, as a caricature sketch.

Our highly professional cartoonist caricaturist will always notice and depict the slightest emotion or any sudden expression of happiness in such a unique way that photos never will. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself and at the guests of your bachelorette party. Use the chance to be another you and afterwards – to see another you at the bright bachelorette party drawings, skillfully made by our artist.

Many years later you will look through your vivid bachelorette party sketches and will be glad, that you’ve invited our professional caricature painter at your holiday and captured the funniest days of your entire life. Don’t hesitate to make something different from what your friends and relatives do, from what wedding agencies suggest you to do – get yourself some exclusive life long memories about your pre-wedding day and the party, where you will be surrounded by the closest people.

The only thing you have to do in order to get the unusual experience is to contact our painter, to settle all details, to express your demands and wishes and to set up the location of your event. If you want caricaturist to be present at your holiday personally, he will gladly do that, no matter which district of New York you’ve chosen – Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn or Queens.

Another thing is when you don’t want any stranger to attend your private party – you may make photos during your party yourself, and then send them to our caricaturist via e-mail, and afterwards you will get high quality sketches.