Childrens’ event caricaturist in The New York City!

We know how deep you care for your little angels and how genuine your feelings are, so don’t neglect their thin threads of feelings as well. Work your best on making their day stand out.

Children’s’ events caricaturist in New York and its suburbs is always there to help you!

We have the best options to offer you! Creative and high quality children’s birthday parties caricatures in the NYC will revive your memories and make them live for years on the wall of your living room. Smiling faces, a little bit exaggerated, but funny and kind sketches of yourself, your family and your kids will refresh your memories and your home interior with true emotions of joy and love.

The other details are up to creating a good mood and spending time fun! Why not to invite children’s birthday parties caricaturist? It takes minutes to draw a wonderful sketch, but it will live in your family for so long, decorating one of the walls of your child’s room. When kids grow up, they will remember how they looked like then and how fun it was!

Get in touch with us! Our modern and progressive artist and cartoonist will make a funny sketch for those, who live in The New York City, Staten Island, New Jersey or the other nearby areas. Queens, Bronx, Manhattan – all of you are invited to get the perfect christenings sketch of you and your dearest people!

You don’t have to work hard on making it exquisite – it’s our task! And your little angel will bring your love and care over the years back to you, when you become older.

Select the drawing style you like! Maybe, you prefer black and white or colorful – all of the details are up to you to decide! And the work of the most impressive caricaturists in NY is to make you and your dearest ones happy, looking at your best moments depicted in a funny manner.

Childrens party caricature in NY is a great new trend and a challenge to all the modern gadgets. Everyone has smartphones, digital cameras, everyone is able to take photos and videos from any event within seconds, but these pictures will get lost among of thousands of their very resemble brothers, and only the works of party caricaturists are real arts, and they will find their best place in a beautiful frame in your house.