Caricature your private party in New York and suburbs

Private parties caricature is always personalized and always depicts the best human’s qualities. Isn’t that what we miss so much in our daily lives?

Funny kind faces of you and your close people will be be depicted in easy lines, black and white or colorful, with more bright details.

Party caricature in NY is a great new trend and a challenge to all the modern gadgets. Everyone has smartphones, digital cameras, everyone is able to take photos and videos from any event within seconds, but these pictures will get lost among of thousands of their very resemble brothers, and only the works of party caricaturists are real arts, and they will find their best place in a beautiful frame in your house.

Are you one of those amazing people, who work hard to make each of their events stand out? No worries! With a bunch of our ideas your preparation fuss will become a lot easier!

Have you thought of a gift for someone? For someone, who have invited you, or maybe for your guests or family members?

Trust your selected memories to our talented New York birthday cartoonist. Invite him to attend your events in all the districts and suburbs: Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island and other. Or contact us online and get your wonderfully designed caricature drawn from your photo!

Check the samples of amazingly kind and warm caricatures by one of the brightest artists all over NY! Make sure to invite him, and your celebration is going to become unique and exceptional!

Keep memories of your important events in funny cartoons. And we will be always there to help you!

This immensely wide range of caricature services will be very easily and quickly available– you only have to order a gig and settle the date, time and some minor details. This site offers a skilled caricature maker, as well as the high quality sketches, full with bright emotions and memories.a